Free Download 我的表妹不可能那麼萌(真人版) 2.0.3 APK

Free Download 我的表妹不可能那麼萌(真人版) 2.0.3 APK

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“My cousin can’t be so cute” is a new masterpiece of the heart-wife girlfriends to develop a game series.

The first experience of vertical video love games, customize your personal love.

A family tutoring with a sinister errand, and a bloodless cousin dreaming of being alone in a mansion. How can she change her arbitrarily and arbitrarily, and a girlfriend who is personally ordered by you will start to develop.

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[game features]

* Reality star, real interaction, HD video, the player’s first perspective,

* Real heart feeling. Video, analog phone interaction.

* Develop text and video games that love love skills and improve emotional intelligence.

*刁蛮公主 develops a close girlfriend, your happy life is coming soon~


1. Intimacy system

The player interacts with his girlfriend through the love function to enhance the intimacy. When the intimacy is reached, the new love stage can be opened.

2, free work

The game offers players a variety of career choices, self-reliance, and embark on the peak of life;

3. Social interaction

Through the analog phone, WeChat, friends circle and other systems, sweet interaction with her girlfriend, pay attention to her daily dynamics, give her a message to praise it;

4, boudoir system

When you walk into your girlfriend’s boudoir and give her a small gift, you can get private and small benefits.

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